Concerning all purchases made in our store:

We treat each customers design request to the best of our ability, but realize every client & design situation is different.

As such, rates shown in our store are generally correct, to the point where we should be able to give you your requested item, but they may also be just the starting point in rare circumstances.

For the most part, these rates will end up being the actual price you pay.

However, as each design job (etc.) may require a different approach to complete the task at hand, there may be occasions when the choices you selected (“items you bought in our store”) can not be finalized in the allotted time shown for any given item/product.

In these instances, you will have 2 choices:
1. we can stop working on your item & give you what we have so far. (an uncompleted project).
2. you can purchase additional “design time” (or items, etc.), and we will complete your order in its entirety. (we can usually quote you on exactly “how much” additional time, (etc.), will be required to fulfill your project).

Thank you,
-the dreamteam

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