Ideas for Flyers

Flyers are great for short runs (under 100 units), as well as larger runs when needed.

Flyers are easy to apply folds to.
Meaning it’s easy for people to fold them up & place into their pockets so they can keep & view your information when they get home later!

Many concert and bar promoters choose flyers as their go-to for getting the word out about their upcoming events.

Many people place promo flyers on their refrigerators at home to remember specific upcoming sales, events, etc.

Bulletin boards could be just one place to hang your flyers.
Have them designed well for maximum attraction.

Small businesses and local companies also benefit from flyers.
Coupons, shelf talkers and small handouts are great examples of flyer uses.

Flyers are an inexpensive way to “test market” your services or products.

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