Printing With UV Gloss

UV 1 Side

UV is short for Ultra Violet Light Cured Coating.
This is a high gloss coating applied on the front of a printed product.
Not recommended to be used for anything you need to write on (a regular pen will not write on UV coating).

UV 2 Sides

As above, with the coating on both sides of the printed product.

Spot UV

This is a gloss coating on specific areas of your printed product.
The areas that are not Spot UV coated will have a Satin AQ coating.

Spot UV 2 Sides

As above, but with spot UV coating on both sides.
Generally used to emphasize certain areas or as part of a design element.

Spot UV front only, Overall UV Back

spot UV coating on the front, the back side is completely coated with high gloss UV.

Spot UV front only, Satin AQ back

spot UV coating on the front, the back side is coated with Satin AQ.

Satin AQ
has a matte finish.
It is a water-based coating applied over the surface.
The satin AQ reduces the gloss of the printing.
You can write on this finish a ballpoint pen.


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