10 Tips for an Awesome Press Release

Find or create interesting ways to tie your Press Release (“PR”) into local news or things that are occurring in your area. Research the latest trends or fads in your town.

Check out the Detroit News (newspaper) and examine which headlines grab your own attention. Then figure out why. Use this same strategy on your press release.

Make sure you include the 5 w’s in your press release. (who, what, where, when, why).

Depending on the purpose of the PR, you might structure it as follows:

The beginning paragraph of your PR should include “who’s doing it” and “what’s happening.”
The middle paragraph might contain the “why it’s happening.”
Your ending paragraph should have the “when it’s happening” and “where it’s occurring.”

A Press Release should be short and simple. Like a mini story.
You should have no more than 4 sentences in each paragraph.

For the editors of where you want the press release printed, your contact information should be printed on both the top and bottom of the PR.

A PR is suppose to be like a news story. This is not the time or place for advertising.
Keep your PR containing only news worthy facts.
Editors receive numerous press releases, and the first time they smell it’s an ad in disguise, it gets pitched right into the trash can. And they’ll remember that (not in a good way) the next time you try to send a legitimate press release!
(unless of course, you are submitting to one of the many online sites that accept ANY type of press release; then ad-type releases are ok; but we are assuming you are legitimately trying to get your PR inserted into a local newspaper or such).

Insert descriptive quotes that spark an interest or trigger a reaction about whatever it is the PR is about (person, event, product).

Type the letters: “###” at the end of your release to indicate this is the end of your PR.
A press release of more than one page is usually not advisable.

Your business info or your own brief bio should be inserted at the bottom of your PR.
Include your website link or phone number. (for the editors use, should they need to contact you).

The most important tip is to make sure the correct editor receives it (some newspapers have more than one department), and give it to them in the format they use. Some prefer via fax, some email, etc. If you don’t know, simply call them and ask!

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