We can provide you with most types of content writing, regardless of where you intend to place it.

We label all of this material as “articles” – in which they vary based on word count.

So if you’re looking for a 500 word piece for a website, just select “500 word article.”

Looking for a story to be published in the newspaper?
Depending on how long the story is to be, determines the size of the article you will need.

To give you a rough idea, use the following guide:

500 words = 3-5 paragraphs [with about 3-5 sentences in each paragraph, depending on particular subject].

(1000 words = 6-10 paragraphs [with 6-10 sentences] ) ~ and so on & so forth.

{you can browse ANY newspaper or Magazine to see samples, and compare what you need to what’s shown there to figure out how much content you need}

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