Custom Video Creations

If you need a custom Video creation for any project you are working on…
don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss your needs!

For instance:

* a looped video of your business, product, etc. that you intend on showing at the next expo or convention.

* a product demonstration or service you offer that you intend to upload to online media sites (Youtube, etc.)

* 30 second (or more) TV commercial.

* ad placement spots for any purpose.

* promotional videos of your place of business, appearances at events, and the like.

* practically anything else that you can think of…

YOUR video projects are no problem for the Dream Team here at 640 Media Solutions!

Go ahead… challenge us!

(heck, we even have team members that can shoot your wedding if that’s what you really need!)

640 media solutions can film your next video


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