Graphics Design

Whenever a product is ordered, such as business cards, banners, or signs, graphic design is used in the process to create the finished item you are in need of.

This is different than if say you needed an image to place on a website, which would be called a “still graphic.”

Depending on the actual product you require, “graphic design,” as a term, may mean 1 of 2 things:

1. a “service” provided, as a means to an end, (as in graphic design is needed when purchasing bookmarks).
You are buying a graphic design (a service) that is needed to complete your product, but not the artwork itself.

2. an actual “product” – meaning you are buying an item (a graphic image; like a logo, etc.) wherein you receive an image file {.jpg, .ai, .psd} as the merchandise you are purchasing.
You are buying the actual artwork that can be used on, in, or in combination with a variety of mediums (printing, websites, flyers, etc.).

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