Logo Creation & Design

Many larger brands and companies have a logo.
This is a [familiar] graphic that represents a brand or product.
A logo can contain the name of a business/brand, picture (commonly referred to as an icon) or a combination of both.

Take McDonalds (one of the largest fast food chains in America), they have a specific font that their name is written in, always using a bright yellow.
McDonalds also has stand alone icon (golden arches forming the letter M).

Your brand shouldn’t be missing out on this recognition, should it?

Many small businesses rely on the fact that they have been in the same location for years.
This is a great approach…
But what about potential clients who have been exposed to your advertising and marketing, but never make the connection…
They drive past your business on a weekly, even daily basis.
Having a logo that is incorporated into all, ALL aspects of your advertising/marketing efforts will help clients to build a subconscious relationship with your brand and in return amplify your ROI (Return On Investment).

A logo should be simple and easily recognized when used at smaller sizes (e.g. 1/4″).
A lasting logo will also stay away from todays fashion trends.
Soon enough todays styles will become yesterdays fads, making your logo “feel” dated.
Another thing to consider is the number of colors used within your logo.
This will quickly become a concern when you need to have t-shirts or other custom printed items created (many companies charge for each additional color used).

Here at 640 we can make a timeless representation of your brand while staying inside most any budget.

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