Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics can be used on your website, video productions, uploaded to youtube for promotions, posted on your business’s Facebook wall, etc.

We can produce 2 types of motion graphics to accomplish your goals.

Motion graphics can range from such objects as a basic rotating logo formed as an animated .gif file with 10 frames to more advanced shapes or objects with numerous frames.
These GIF clips are usually simple 2-5 second short movie-type animations that either repeat when the cycle is completed, stop once the first cycle is done, or are finished after a specified number of cycles.

Fully animated demonstrations of a service or merchantable item in common file formats such as .mov .mp4 .avi lasting 60 seconds or longer can also be achieved. These can be used for product presentations, demonstration shows or expos, or anywhere you need visual attention for your merchandise.


Demo of a simple animated logo GIF:

{the above GIF graphic took approximately one hour to design}

Our team has the necessary skill set to transform your concepts to reality.
If you’re ready, so are we…
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