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■ Too busy running your own business & don’t have the time to manage your Social Media accounts?

■ Do you prefer to concentrate your efforts on other parts of your business & just don’t want to mess around with Social Media accounts?

■ Have no idea WHAT type of content should go on your Social Media accounts?

■ Realize that your business NEEDS an online Social Media presence, but not sure what type of promotional material should be posted on the various online websites?


IF any of the above are your problem… we have the solutions!

640 has a low-cost weekly SMM (Social Media Management) packages available to Michigan business owners who need assistance with their SMM accounts!

Affordable to almost everyone! There’s NO reason Your MI Business shouldn’t get all of the extra exposure benefited by having an internet presence on all of these popular online destinations!
{ Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google +, etc. }


◙  How does it work? What do you get? How much does it cost?

○  (works like this)

You supply us with:
•  5 search terms/keywords (keywords can be a single word or a phrase like: “v8 automobile engines”)
•  5 industry specific websites (relevant sites to yours that have info you wouldn’t mind your readers viewing)
•  1 main website url (your website)

This posts made will be the normal type of things you yourself would share if you were doing the posting. Relevant (to your industry) information geared towards (your own client base) type of content.

[just an example: a home improvement company. The types of info shared onto this companies social media accounts could be: home & garden maintenance tips, ???]

○  (what you get) up to 3 posts per day to your choice of supported SM platforms (as many platforms as you have).

○  (costs) $xx per week. No contract, no minimum. Paid in advance, recurring weekly payment via payment. Cancel anytime.

◙  IF you don’t have an account at one of the various outlets, (optionally, additionally) we can set them up for you (a one-time fee applies).
[use the form here for us to perform this service]


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► Real world results within 1 week from one client that had 1 new post shared per day (with no other promotions done other than implementing this very 640 SMM plan):
[your results could be more/less and will vary depending on the specific business you are involved in]

• Facebook:  9 new likes to the company page; total reach from 11 views to 224.
• Twitter:  7 new favorite; 7 new followers; 2 reshares of posts.
• Tumblr: 1 new followers; 8 likes; 1 reblog.
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