Web Content Writing

Web content writing specializes in providing relevant information for the pages on your website.

There are 2 different style content writings used on your site.
1. Pages (specific information for the current page; location, contact, etc.)
2. Posts (info on the topic that your site is about).

Every website has a target audience and requires different approaches and levels of engagement.

Content should be optimized to contain key words that attract and retain readers.

Your content should do one or more of the following for EACH page:

* Provide relevant information for the given page
* Be interesting, useful and worth reading (&/or remembering!)
* promote sales/services
* convert the reader to a sale or paying customer

Content written specifically for your website should concentrate on 1 specific topic per page or post (about page = info about your business; topical post = details about a specific subject that is relevant to the site theme).


Are you having trouble getting readers to contact or sign up for your newsletter?
Landing pages boring or generic reading?
Need people to generate more interest in what you’re offering?
Do your contact / location pages need spicing up to make them more appealing?

We can help you figure out the proper content that you need for each page of your website. Contact us NOW!

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