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Website Creation & Design, produced by local Metro Detroit web designers.

Sure, lots of companies can design you a website in Michigan.
BUT! Are they the BEST?

Find out WHO is the BEST… and WHY! (keep reading!)



WHY is 640 Media Solutions Metro Detroit’s BEST website designers?

BEST doesn’t always mean the most expensive!
We here at 640 Media Solutions we can work with almost ANY budget — YOUR budget!

Whether you just need an online presence (simple website, works more or less like a business card) or a full blown custom designed content management system (multiple pages, storefront, custom graphics, etc), or something in between…
640 Media Solutions delivers the requirements your business requires!

ALL websites we create INCLUDE responsive designs &/or mobile ready versions!
(because in todays society, consumers DEMAND information be available on their cellphones!)

Not only do we completely create you a new website to a multitude of specifications, but we give you this benefit (a BIG benefit) as well:

Regular support for your new website!
We won’t just hand you the keys & set you free…
to go off on your own…
Because we know there are times when things go wrong, or you simply get stuck, or you just need a quick hand or question answered about your new website creation.

If at any time you need assistance of any kind for your new website, or should you have questions about how things work, how to do something, why something specific is occurring on your site, etc., we are ALWAYS here to help you out!

[we DO offer website maintenance plans for those who desire a mostly hands off experience, or for those who make frequent changes to their sites & want a backup plan for when things go wrong, as they always inevitably do]

The websites we create have SEO built into them.
That means your new site will be indexed into the search engines for YOUR customers to find you, based upon whatever it is that you sell or service you perform.
We include specific SEO strategies specifically tailored to your industry, and inform you how you can continue on implementing this strategy so that not only will search engines love you, but potential new customers may be able to find you as well.


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If you already have a website & you simply need a custom graphic created, we can handle that too!
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