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If your website requires any graphics:
If you have your own graphics, we can use them if you wish.
If not, we can also produce whatever type of image that is required.

What kinds of graphics are generally used on a website?

Header image (at the top of the page, typically your business name, etc.)
Category or product pictures (if necessary).
Sidebar graphics (for a variety of purposes).
Informational displays (specific info about your business/product/item/service, pie chart/stats, presented in a photo format).
Banner ads (to advertise your items, etc.).
Custom Social Media graphics (Facebook/Twitter buttons & the like).

Practically anything can be turned into a graphic.
A graphic can serve many useful purposes.
Tired of boring looking text describing your product/service?
A nice custom graphic can jazz it up & attract customers attention!


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If you already have a website & you simply need a custom graphic created, we can handle that too!
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