What Is Video???

Video is a somewhat blanket term used to describe the media you watch on tv from shows to movies to commercials to trailers.

640 Media Solutions specializes in filming and editing the various need for todays business.
From on site shoots to editing commercials for tv, social media and websites alike.

On location coverage.
Our team will come to your business, concert or event and film live footage.
Lighting, professional sound equipment, multiple cameras are common requests.

Television commercials are traditionally 30 to 45 seconds in length.
Web and youtube videos can vary from short 20 second clips to 3 minutes (or more) depending on the topic or project needs.

Product demos.
Demonstrations showing the use of various merchandise or services can be a great way to inform potential clients about what you have to offer.
Product demos usually contain an animated intro/outro with text overlays that highlight specific points of interest.

Nothing is more reassuring to a potential client than a quality testimony from a current or past client.
Clips normally contain 3 to 5 happy client but can contain more of less depending on your needs.

Music Videos.
Bands and musicians of all genres use music videos to promote music and engage their target audience.
Standard music video shoots are edited to fit the length of the track being performed although music videos normally require 3 or more hours of on site shooting.

Video Editing.
Editing is most commonly overlooked by clients when budgeting for any style of shoot.
A rule of thumb for quality video is: every hour of live coverage will need 120 to 180 minutes of editing.
This is something you should always keep in mind when you require a video.

640 media solutions can film your next video


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