What Makes a Good Article?

Today, articles are commonly used for internet marketing and require require certain ‘key words’ to increase the chances they are found by search engine robot crawls.
Many underestimate the importance of search-friendly articles, not knowing articles that have carefully placed keywords. If your articles are optimized for search engines they will have higher ranking and show up closer to the top of search pages. The higher up on a search engine’s results, the better.

Article Checklist
Keep theses tips in mind when writing articles that are going to be used as online publications:
* Research keywords that are trending to your theme and the website the article will be created for.
* Writing a different take on a popular topic is a great idea.

Create evergreen content. Evergreen articles are great resources for websites with many different posts. ‘Evergreen’ articles hold the same relevance today as they would two years from now. Meaning the subject matter does not change no matter when the information is actually read.

Article Writing Tips
Good news if you like reading: Reading newspapers, magazines, books, and local blogs will help you research and learn about new content trends. And those can give you ideas for great articles.

Promoting Websites and Services with Article Marketing
Use general information on your topic to capture readers and show them what you have to offer. Not every visitor will make a purchase or contact you, but if you increase the traffic flow to your website with online articles you will increase your revenue and relevant traffic.

You can use the guidelines above for article marketing.
Provide relevant keywords, optimize your article for Google, Bing, Yahoo and other popular search engines.
Keep a schedule and regularly post new articles on your website to build traffic.

This all can take some time but is worth the effort if you want to rank high and become a trusted resource.

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