What Makes a Good Video?

In today’s day and age high-definition video has become a standard for television and online videos clips.
The resolution of High-Def (high-definition) starts at 1280×720 where as standard definition video is 720×480 in size.
The aspect ratio of high def comes in at 16:9 (standard def is 4:3).

At 640 Media Solutions, we only shoot high-def video, offering the clearest image possible.

The most important part of a quality video is composition.
In other words ‘having an eye’.
Anyone can point and shoot but in reality, there is a little more to it than that.

Rule of thirds
The rule of thirds, otherwise known as the ‘golden ratio’ is the proper placement of attention using objects or movements within the frame.

Detail, Detail, Detail!
The quality of your overall video can be compromised if small details are overlooked.

Editing can make or brake your video regardless of the quality of the footage that is being worked with.

640 media solutions can film your next video


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