Corrugated Plastic Sign Options

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4 Mil

4 Mil corrugated plastic is the most common option when printing on corrugated plastic, commonly used for the production of lawn signs.
4 mil is a little less than 1/4″ thick.

10 Mil

10 Mil corrugated plastic is much thicker than common 4 Mil corrugated plastic.
If you are looking for a long term outdoor solution using corrugated plastic, this is the way to go.
10 mil is just over 3/8″.

Printing Options

1 sided

1 side of the corrugated plastic is printed in full color, or using black ink only.

2 Sided

Both sides of the corrugated plastic are printed in full color or black only.
What it is
corrugated plastic is also commonly know as coroplast or corriboard.
Corrugated plastic is a popular choice for political lawn signs and semi-permanent commercial signs alike.
Full color with the option of 2 sided printing.
Corrugated plastic is lightweight, weather resistant and cost efficient.
There are ribs between the plastic separating the front side & the back side, and give this material its strength (see pic at right).


You will need to supply print ready artwork for your sign.
(such as a JPEG, AI, PSD, or EPS type of file/image).
Alternatively, if you do not have artwork available, you will need to order graphic design additionally.



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