Decal Options

640 media solutions quality promotional products

• 1 Color Cut Vinyl

3M 50 series
We use this opaque 4 mil vinyl for our 1 color cut vinyl car and window decals.
Cost effective option.
3 year outdoor durability and 5 year indoor durability.
Adheres to any flat surface such as glass, windows, plastic substrates or painted surfaces.
Your single-color graphic or lettering is cut from this material.
A pre-mask (transfer tape) is applied over your decal for quick application.

See the  Cut Vinyl Decal Color Choices

• Printed Decals

Oracal 3651
2.5 mil thickness.
5-year calendered PVC film for general signage, vehicle graphics or other medium-term applications.
The film has grey-pigmented, permanent adhesive.

[this is what our Full Color Printed Vinyl Decals are printed on when you buy from the 640 store]

3M ControlTac IJ-180C
2 mil thickness.
Opaque film produces high quality, long-term graphics.
The film has pressure-activated adhesive and 3M Comply™ Adhesive for easier installation of large fleet graphics, big signage, huge emblems and more.

Oracal orajet Illumination Film
Also called “Adhesive Oracal Clear Translucent (laminated).”
Used for backlit signs.
Printed double density, whereas colors will appear dark (solid/opaque) until lit up (then the light shines thru the colors).
{We do not print the color white}.

Clear Focus SeeThru Window Vinyl
8 mil black/white composite PVC vinyl.
Has 1.5-mm perforations throughout the surface (hence “SeeThru”).
Release liner included.
Used for decals, point of purchase displays, retail and commercial signage (window signs), corporate identity and a wide variety of other applications.

• Cut Options

Contour Cutting
Contour Cutting is available on decals, with the exception of Clear Focus SeeThru Window Vinyl.
Contour Cutting is a cut that is an outline shaped around your decal.
A contour cut is a slit around a single decal (on the 4 color printed vinyl type).

Kiss cut stickers is a term used to describe a sheet of printed vinyl with a contour cut that was applied to all of the stickers on a single sheet (meaning, each individual sticker has a cut around it, to separate it from the sheet).

SEE a picture of all the different kiss cut options

Paper Guillotine Cutting
Paper Guillotine Cutting is available with Oracal 3651 only.
Only straight cuts can be applied when using a Guillotine.
Guillotine cuts are commonly applied to short runs of promotional stickers.


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