Decal Sticker Picks

Our one color cut vinyl decals are made from quality 3M vinyl.

Cut vinyl comes in many different color choices.

Your vector cut file allows our vinyl plotter to trace the design onto a solid sheet of vinyl using a diamond tip needle.

Unsure if you have a cut file that can be used?
Don’t worry you can learn about them HERE.

You also have the option to upload a picture that can be converted into a cut file by our art team.

After your design is finished being cut the negative is removed by hand.
The removal of the negative is commonly referred to as “picking” or “weeding.”
Each pick of the negative is removed slowly exposing the details of your one color decal.
The amount of time needed to complete each decal depends on the level of detail.

Example A. shows a design that requires 3 Pick to complete.
Example B. shows a design the requires 5 picks to complete.
Example C. shows a design the requires 9 picks to complete.

You will be asked for the number of picks when ordering custom one color vinyl decals.
This is on a PER sticker basis (number of ‘picks’ on ONE sticker).
Pricing is adjusted to reflect the amount of time required for completion of the job.

Example as shown in our store: you are buying 3″ x 3″ stickers, quantity of 16. The next choice you make on the order form says “number of picks” – if ONE individual sticker you are having made needs “20 picks”, you would choose “20 picks”

If you are unsure of the amount of picks your design will need, you can send us a picture of your decal cut file and we can let you know (artwork questions).



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