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If you have items that we have made for you in the past, we would very much like to include them in our new portfolio section on this website, to show our potential customers our wide range of products that we can create, and the vast talents and styles and designs, etc., that can be accomplished for them, based on the past products we have created.

In return for you sending us a nice clear picture of the product we created for you previously, this photo will be displayed on our website, and considering this website is viewed by numerous people, your company has the possibility to acquire potential new customers for YOUR business from this FREE advertising opportunity, since our viewers (the people looking at YOUR product photo) are consumers as well, and they will see YOUR company information IN the photo!

We figure it’s a win-win for both of us…
not to mention the fact that if we can help YOU gain more business, it’s good for all of us!

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