Website Maintenance & Support Plans

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If your website requires maintenance and you are not currently subscribed to one of our plans, maintenance tasks will be performed at the regular rates shown in the left column.


•  plans are ONLY for our customers who have purchased a website from us!

•  Support hours (or any other feature) do NOT accumulate month to month.

 Plans are billed in advance (you pay on March 1st for coverage from March 2nd – April 1).
You may upgrade/downgrade your plan at any time, but coverage for this change will NOT become effective until the beginning of your next billing cycle.
We do NOT pro-rate monthly plans, and no refunds are offered for cancellations mid-month.
Payment is made via Paypal as a recurring monthly charge.

 Additional charges for services above & beyond what your current package plan offers, are available at the discounted rates shown under the particular plan that you are enrolled in.

 Other miscellaneous website tasks, services &/or design changes not specifically stated above are also available, simply inquire with the specific needs that you require! We can accommodate most all website requests!


Definitions on what exactly each service above is:



Security Scan:  Performed on a regular basis to make sure your website is safe & secure.

Website Backup:  Performed on a regular basis to make sure your website’s content can be restored if necessary.


Website Stability Test:  Make sure all aspects of your website are functioning properly.

CMS Core Updates:  Makes sure your CMS (Content Management System) system is up to date.

Theme Updates:  Makes sure your website theme is up to date.

Add-on (plug-in) Updates:  Makes sure the extra functions added onto your website are up to date.

Spam/Comment Cleanup:  Performed on a regular basis to make sure your website is free of spam & running smoothly.

Broken Link Check:  Performed on a regular basis to make sure the links on your website all function properly. (we fix when we are able, otherwise you’ll be notified about the broken link).


Email Support:  Email us when you have a problem & we will respond with the solution withing 48 hours.

Phone Support:  Call us when you have a problem & we will fix the issue over the phone while speaking with you.

Hands On Support:  When you have a problem & we will make the actual changes to your website.

Migration Support:  If you need to move your website from one webhost to another, we will transfer it over.


Content Placement & Formatting:  We will insert your pre-made content onto your website. Formatting it to fit the dimensions specified on your website making sure it displays properly.

Graphic/Photo Placement & Formatting:  Our team will insert your pre-made graphics or pictures onto your website. Formatting them to fit the dimensions specified on your website & making sure they display properly.

Graphic/Image Design:  We will create graphic images for your website.

Image Optimization:  Renaming your images with specific keywords that benefit your industry & target your website specifically.

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